Gearing up for Professional Experience

In gearing up for professional experience I have delved into looking at the Interactive Whiteboards and it’s possible uses. In my travels whilst googling about IWB I came across a website called TES Australia that allows teachers and students access to a great range of free resources (including IWB flipcharts and activities etc) that I think will help with my lesson planning during prac. It offers ideas, activities and plans for all age groups and all curriculum areas and has them marked for popularity and high use. Very helpful.

Cheers, Jessika


Cyber Safety Modules Completed

Well, after completing the cyber safety modules on the Connect.ed website I have included my certificate.

It was certainly interesting and I found each module quite informative on the current cyber issues facing students. It cemented the fact to me how there is a definite need for education in this area and that we as teachers can help and be proactive.

I thought the websites that are designed with games and lessons quite helpful and I liked the video’s, especially where the students are talking. It makes me realise how prevalent and real the issue of cyber bullying is and how it affects all school students.


What are others up too?

I have enjoyed looking at others blogs. It really is a great way to discover new resources, ideas and alternate perspectives. I especially enjoyed reading through fellow blogger lynettegaye7 who seems to have an endless supply of ideas and resources that suit my early childhood context. If you are studying the early years then I would definitely recommend going over and having a look at the broad range of interesting things of that page.

And yes, I can definitely relate to fellow blogger wunyeer2go. I think we are all over thinking the unit plan (or perhaps just the two of us). I have thought about it so much I can’t even remember what I was supposed to be thinking in the first place. 🙂

And thanks to Maria Etheridge who found free resources that line up with the Australian Curriculum and cover literacy and maths. You had me at free resources, the rest was an added bonus. I will definitely have to check it out when I have completed my assignment.

There is always lots to discover when traveling through the world of blogging.


Have You Ever Heard of a Schamomlette?

Sometimes when I am cooking dinner for the kids I will do omlette’s because they are quick and easy and loved by everyone. Occasionally, actually, most often that not, the practicality of creating and serving a complete and perfect omlette starts to unravel to look more like scrambled eggs. Hence at one point, when my children looked at my half omlette, half scrambled eggs concoction they would ask me ‘What is it?’ And I decided that whilst it looked like a schamozzle, it could still be classified as an omlette (sort of) so I explained to my children that we were going to call it a schamomlette because it’s half omlette, half schamozzle… It became a new feature on our dinner time menu and the kids sometimes request schamomlettes for dinner 🙂 Win!

mum cooking dinner

Well, my assignment kind of feels like a schamomlette at this stage. Although it has not been quick and easy, I guess it kind of looks half like I want it to be and feels like a little bit of a schamozzle. But I am ever so carefully working through and am determined today to jazz up my learning experiences and make them ICT rich (which means they will be used effectively and innovatively) to enhance student learning. I have to say though- I like the elaborations from the curriculum guidelines and have found them very helpful in focusing my learning experiences and I finally managed to get in to Scootle!! Just in time I say 🙂 Phew!



Classroom Resource

I know, as teachers in the early years, we are always looking for ideas on how to implement an authentic play based pedagogy. I recently found this amazing resource that is innovative in using play as a powerful teacher. Sphero (Sphero, 2014) is a ball controlled by an android platform that students can program to do all sort of wonderful things which engages them creatively in maths and science, combining robotics and technology. It’s amazing and it look like fun! I could imagine having this as a handy classroom resource with endless possibilities.

Unit Plan- I think I have a Plan?

Well, as I am quickly running out of time I have been moving through the module and simultaneously formulating a plan for my Year 1 Science unit. I am at this stage cementing my ideas for learning experiences and finding ICT that will complement the learning objectives and essential questions I have formulated. I am happy to see that there are other out there that are still working on assignment 2 and I am encouraged to see Stacey is moving through the motions still as well! Yeah! I am not alone 🙂

I guess the idea of this post was to share with everyone my idea that started as a seed and will hopefully grow into a great unit plan. I have planned to investigate living things and how their needs are met. I meditated on how I could possibly bring that idea into the classroom in a real way, in a visible and authentic way that allowed my students to be able to engage in an experiential investigation. After much thought, I had the idea of adopting a battery hen because it is obvious that they live in an environment where their needs are not met and it can be seen in visible ways- pale and floppy combs, loss of feathers, pale egg yolks… And yet if we could bring the hen into an environment that met it’s needs, (something that we would investigate) could we monitor and observe the changes that occur? Surely this would be an engaging way to present an example of how science is used to met the needs and care for living things and children will have a visible and documented journey to reflect upon and be able to represent in multiple ways.

I’m hoping it looks as good in my unit plan as it sounds in my head 🙂 Now…. I just need to locate some awesome ICT to transform my unit into something extra special.

Assignment 2 Learning Objectives and Criteria

Last week I began to compile my assignment 2 unit plan thoughts together. I have to say I have never constructed a unit plan quite like this and it is quite challenging. I still am not sure where I am going but step by step I am sure it will come together.

So, the year level I have chosen is year 1, the learning area is science, and the learning objectives I have chosen are-
Constructing Knowledge-
• Living Things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)
• Participate in different types of guided investigations to explore and answer questions such as testing ideas and accessing information sources. (ACSIS025)
Transforming Knowledge-
• People use science in their daily lives, including caring for living things (ACSHC022)
• Represent and communicate observations and ideas in a variety of ways such as written language, drawing and role play (ACSI5029)
Criteria- from QCAA Science year 1
Science Understanding
• Clear description of interactions and changes to living things
Evaluating and Communicating
• Clear and purposeful communication of observations and ideas in a variety of ways
Planning and Conducting
• Safe participation in investigations to collect and record clearly connected observations
Use and Influence of Science
• Explanation of how science is used in daily life

I am hoping to create a interactive (through the application of ICTs) and relevant unit that will excite students and allow them the capacity to use their prior knowledge to encourage them to engage in the unit and of course have visible and measurable outcomes through assessment.